6 Key Advantages to Relying on a Local Communications Company

Everyone knows just how frustrating it can be to deal with phone and Internet providers. Large providers have multiple business units and moving parts, with different services hosted in different parts of the country or world. The customer, however, is simply looking for an expectation of quality, and access to courteous customer service when issues arise.

You may have options you didn't even know about: a local communications company. Local companies access the same cutting edge technology that the big names do, and they also have distinct advantages over national brands that you might not have considered.

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6 Ways Local Communications Companies Win Over National Brands

1. Fewer Hoops to Jump Through

Have you ever called a national brand? They usually have to connect you to several different departments before you end up talking to the right person, and even then, you’re probably going to be reconnected another few times before things are set up properly. When you call TEC, for example, you’ll talk to a limited number of people in a central location and not all over the country (or the world), who are all up to speed on what’s going on.

2. Customization

Larger companies are more likely to work from scripts and push clients into predetermined packages, including bundles that might not be the best fit for a business. TEC representatives work individually with business clients to assemble a variety of services, all united under one package, that solves each business's specific needs.

3. Consistent Point of Contact

At TEC, our small business clients have a dedicated Customer Account Manager (CAM) as a point of contact. We invest ourselves in the success of your business, too—and that means valuing you and working together to solve any issues that arise, not passing the buck to another department. When you call, you know exactly who you’re going to be talking to, every time.

4. Same Access to Technology

Some people believe that local companies have outdated technology compared to telecom giants—but not so. Local companies often have the same access to current telecommunications technology, like VoIP phone systems and high-speed Internet. You aren’t going to miss out on the latest by going with a local company, plain and simple. TEC even has its own proprietary technologies, like TECFlex, that incorporate smartphone apps with large company directories and conference lines.

5. The Value of a Relationship

When you’re working with a local company, it’s much easier to be on equal footing. Business to business marketing is more effective locally (compared to nationally or internationally) and the long-term relationship you build with your local communications company can last for years and grow with you. Plus, local, smaller businesses are less prone to changing hands and being shaken by turnover like big businesses are, which extends stability to your company, too.

6. Better Customer Service

While there are exceptions to every rule, by and large, a local communications company has better customer service that a national telecommunications company. Why? They have more investment in their clients! For a local company, each and every client has a name, a face, and a mission—not just a monetary value. Plus, local companies don’t outsource their customer service, eliminating the issue of language barriers that often cause frustrations for customers.

At the end of the day, most people choose a local company just because they’re treated like human beings: with respect, courtesy, and investment.