TEC Participates in FCC Roundtable Discussion

Added: 02/23/2018 • Written By: John Noblin

Lisa Wigginton, Joey F. Garner, Brendan Carr, and James GarnerTEC Executive Vice President Joey F. Garner and Vice President of Operations James Garner were among nearly two dozen entrepreneurs, telecommunications executives, professors, and politicians recently invited to participate in a roundtable discussion at Jackson State University on Monday, February 19, focused on workforce development and training in the telecommunications and technology sector. The group also discussed how broadband expansion in rural areas would mean more opportunities for Mississippians to advance.

Also at the table was FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, announcing what the federal government is doing to help workforce development and to reduce the digital divide in rural states like Mississippi. "It's hard enough to get broadband to a lot of rural parts of the country, rural parts of Mississippi," said Carr. "We have unnecessary red tape that raises the cost and slows it down. We need to do something about that. At the FCC where I work, we have a number of reforms that we are teeing up. We can hopefully get it across the finish line. That'll help."

The roundtable discussion, hosted by J.S.U. and Senator Roger Wicker, offered the participants a great venue for sharing opportunities and challenges in the technical workforce arena.  “I was pleased to be a part of this group that is working toward more capable, trained Mississippians in technical fields.  It was encouraging to hear from many educators about how our state’s community colleges and universities are meeting the needs of our students,” added Joey F. Garner.

Pictured here at TEC headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi, are Lisa Wigington, TEC Director of Revenue Assurance and Regulatory Compliance, Joey F. Garner, TEC Executive Vice President, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, and James Garner, TEC Vice President of Operations.