Access Control

Control, monitor, and manage access to individual rooms, or multiple facilities with Access Control from TEC.

Less work, more security

Protect your customers and staff, and prevent property damage.

  • Avoid injuries by limiting access to dangerous equipment or facilities.
  • Save lives by preventing an active shooter from entering safe rooms.
  • Curb theft by restricting high-security areas to authorized personnel only.

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Get the most out of Access Control

Take advantage of everything TEC has to offer with these access control products.

Specialty Readers

For businesses with low employee turnover, or stringent security requirements consider specialty readers.

  • Hygienic and convenient touchless access with proximity readers.
  • Secure and durable identity cards with Wiegand readers.
  • Card free access using fingerprint, handprint, iris and more with biometric readers.

General Readers

For high staff turnover or heavy traffic secure access consider general readers. These readers are also useful for one time access, or event coordination.

  • Single code, easy to update pin based access with secure keypads.
  • High volume, affordable identity cards with magnetic stripe readers.
  • One time use, and low-cost access cards with bar code readers.

Integrated Locksets

  • Control access from anywhere. Set user access levels and receive alerts from a central system with online locks. Available in wired or wireless.
  • Manage access with an affordable wireless option. Off-line locks are battery-operated, standalone1 units that quickly expand your current system.
1.  Off-line locks have no remote capabilities.

Better security starts with TEC

There are great advantages to investing in security with TEC. Let's start with these...

Stay secureIcon of security shield and operations cog

Stay secure

Keep your security systems up and running with a TEC Security maintenance plan.

Top-tier supportIcon of female account manager with headset

Top-tier support

Talk to someone you can trust. Our dedicated support staff are committed to you, and your business.

Tailored SolutionsIcon of puzzle piece being added to finish puzzle

Tailored Solution

Boxed solutions can only solve so many problems. We tailor custom, onsite solutions to your specific business needs.

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