Facility Automation

Spend more time with customers and less time adjusting your thermostat. With facility automation you get things done.

Start saving immediately

Lower your bills1 by automating systems like lighting and HVAC. Control lights and appliances with triggers like arming/disarming your security system. Smart scheduling learns from the activity in your business and adjusts systems accordingly.

1. Savings are dependent on usage and other factors.

Interested in Facility Automation?

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Get the most out of Automation

Take advantage of everything TEC has to offer with these facility automation products.

Climate control

Take control, room by room. Keep your customers comfortable and your inventory cool and dry. Control and automate separate areas of your business from anywhere. With smart features like occupancy sensors, your system adjusts to the unexpected, no sweat.

Lighting Automation

Get the lighting you want, when you want it, without flipping a single switch. Lighting automation allows you to set your lighting to your business schedule. Turn on the lights before anyone arrives, turn them off when everybody's gone.

Specialty Products

You can do a lot more with automation than control lighting and climate. Smart appliance modules allow you to control entire rooms. Weekly events in your showroom? Turn on the TV's, set the light levels, unlock the door, and turn on video surveillance with people counting. All from a single device, or on schedule.

With a growing list of Z-wave compatible devices, the possibilities are endless.

Great automation starts with TEC

There are great advantages to investing in automation with TEC. Let's start with these...

Stay secureIcon of security shield and operations cog

Stay secure

Keep your security systems up and running with a TEC Security maintenance plan.

Top-tier supportIcon of female account manager with headset

Top-tier support

Talk to someone you can trust. Our dedicated support staff are committed to you, and your business.

Tailored SolutionsIcon of puzzle piece being added to finish puzzle

Tailored Solution

Boxed solutions can only solve so many problems. We tailor custom, onsite solutions to your specific business needs.