Incident Communication

Minimize injury or damage from gas, liquid, and heat hazards. Receive alerts and emergency response with 24/7 incident monitoring.

Safeguard your most valuable assets

Protect what matters most, your customers and employees. Reduce the risk of serious casualties with 24/7 incident monitoring.

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Improve your incident communication

Take advantage of everything TEC has to offer with these incident communication products.

Carbon Monoxide Monitors

Save lives by detecting deadly CO before it reaches fatal levels. CO Monitors raise an alarm long before the invisible and highly toxic gas levels turn deadly.

Pressure Monitors

Ensure the optimal operation of your costly business equipment. Pressure monitors check for low and high pressures and notify you of any changes.

Temperature monitors

Prevent equipment from overheating, and freezers from losing their cool. Temperature sensors keep a check on temperature levels, humidity, and water presence.

Water monitors

Avoid the costly consequences of a drip becoming a flood. Respond to leaks in seconds, not hours with strategically placed water monitors. Protect your documents, computers, and business from ruin.

Better security starts with TEC

There are great advantages to investing in security with TEC. Let's start with these...

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Stay secure

Keep your security systems up and running with a TEC Security maintenance plan.

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Top-tier support

Talk to someone you can trust. Our dedicated support staff are committed to you, and your business.

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Tailored Solution

Boxed solutions can only solve so many problems. We tailor custom, onsite solutions to your specific business needs.