Intrusion Detection

Protect your customers, staff, and business. Stop intruders in their tracks with 24/7 alarm monitoring and rapid response.

Great security, great savings

Reduce the cost of security with 24/7 monitoring. The cost of in-house security can be prohibitive1, but that doesn't mean you should go without. Remote monitoring is a proven and cost-effective replacement for on-site security.


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All round security

Enhance your security with our selection of alarms and detectors.

Panic Buttons

Be prepared for the worst case scenario. Trigger an alarm, and alert law enforcement with the push of a button. You can also strengthen your security by combining panic buttons with access control.

Hold-up Silent Alarms

Maintain calm in the event of a hold-up. Silent alarms notify the authorities without alerting the perpetrator. Secure other areas of your facility by combining silent alarms with access control.

Door and window contacts

Get immediate notification when a burglar breaches an entry point. Our monitoring facility will notify you, and alert the police. Contacts detect open doors and windows when your alarm is active.

Glass break detectors

Detect burglars who break a window to bypass door and window contacts. Glass break detectors trigger an alert when they pick up the sound of breaking glass.

Motion detectors

Get notified when a trespasser has gained access to your property. Motion detectors trigger an alarm when they pick up movement in or around your building. Tighten your security by pairing motion detectors with video surveillance.

Better security starts here

There are great advantages to investing in security with TEC. Let's start with these...

Lower InsuranceIcon of hand with palm upward to catch falling coins

Lower insurance

A qualifying security system can lower your insurance premiums. Speak to your insurance agent about your options.

24/7 ProtectionIcon of clock with security shield in front

24/7 protection

You can't be vigilant day and night, but we can do it for you. Round-the-clock monitoring keeps an eye when you can't.

Integrated SystemsIcon of finger pressing button to affects multiple systems

Integrated systems

You don't have to master 10 different apps. Our products work together, are easy to control, and integrate with your systems.

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