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What is TEC Flex?

TEC Flex is TEC’s hosted VoIP telephone service. “Hosted” because the equipment used to route calls resides at TEC instead of in a closet at your business, and “VoIP” because your calls transmit via the Internet in voice data packets using IP rather than over traditional telephone lines. Hosted systems reduce initial capital expenditures and remove the inconvenience of deploying and managing on-site PBX equipment.

TEC Flex services allow users to receive and handle calls efficiently and effectively. Our CommPortal function lets users manage their voicemail, personalize their call routing options, and make customized changes to their hosted phone system. TEC Flex is extremely versatile and easy to upgrade from basic services to higher level corporate services. TEC Flex is scalable and designed to grow as your business grows.

TEC Flex Features

TEC Flex allows businesses to become more organized and have greater control over call flow while presenting an overall professional image to customers. These are just a few of the features that will help strengthen customer relations.

Dial-By-Name Directories
Redirecting To Multiple Phones
Unified Messaging
Voicemail To Email
Online Call Logs
Remote Call Forwarding

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TEC CommPortal Management Tools

CommPortal is an advanced Web 2.0 portal interface which allows you to quickly and easily view, manage, and configure your TEC Flex account. Availability across a wide range of media platforms provides you with a unified call, messaging, and contact management solution.

CommPortal Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to manage every aspect of your account. For example, you can listen to voicemails, initiate calls, or make changes to your call routing schedule - all from one easy-to-use location.

TEC Message

A revolutionary communication service that provides the ability to manage your voicemail, email, and faxes with a single mailbox, accessible from any phone or device with a web browser.


Specify a list of phone numbers to ring coincidentally with your primary number. Incoming calls may be answered by any number within the SimRing list.

CommPortal Assistant™

Receive automatic notifications and instant access to frequently used calling features, including click-to-dial, and incoming call popup with disposition.

TEC Track

Designate a sequence of phone numbers to ring until call is answered or the list is exhausted. Voicemail may be included in the sequence.

Multi-Line Hunt Groups

Multiple call paths assure your incoming calls are handled with maximum efficiency. One complimentary number per account, additional numbers available.

Get A Hands-On Look At Some Of The Great TEC Flex Features

Additional features can be added to further increase your overall communications productivity.

TEC Fax*

Your personal fax phone number delivers fax messages to your individual e-mail address. TEC Fax can save or forward your fax messages, eliminating expense of paper, toner, and you no longer have to be tied to a machine with limited technology. TEC Fax for distribution lists is available for an additional charge.

Auto Attendant*

Ideal and efficient means to direct incoming callers to the appropriate person or group within your organization. One complimentary number per account, additional numbers available.

Conference on Demand*

TEC provides you the ability to conference anytime, without the expense and inconvenience of operator scheduling and time of day limitations.

Music on Hold*

Select from a variety of music-on-hold options or designate your custom on-hold advertising and announcements.

Add Unlimited 1+ Nationwide Long Distance to TEC Flex for added value and service.

* Additional charges apply. Unlimited 1+ Nationwide Long Distance within the continental United States does not include Directory Assistance, Operator Assistance, or International calling; not available for call centers.


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