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From sole proprietors to multi-national enterprises, TEC offers voice solutions that will meet the needs of every business. You can keep your current phone number, save money every month and access dozens of cutting-edge features that keep you right where you need to be – connected to your customers.

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TEC Flex

Ideal for installations up to 20 lines, TEC’s cloud-hosted voice system can take the place of a traditional PBX. Hosted systems reduce initial capital expenditures and remove the inconvenience of deploying and managing on-site PBX equipment. TEC Flex services allow users to receive and handle calls efficiently and effectively.

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Additional Business Voice Options

SIP Advantage & Bundled Trunks

SIP Advantage & Bundled Trunks

Provides basic Internet access by transmitting digital data over voice lines at speeds from 6 Mbps to 24 Mbps. Our Business High Speed Internet offers standard broadband service and is our most affordable Internet access solution. With no dedicated voice and data channels, the service dynamically provides the voice and data lines you need — giving you better data transfer efficiency and voice quality.

SIP Trunking Advantages:

Cost Savings - Save up to 50% over traditional PRIs or analog lines. Consolidate voice and data onto a single circuit.

Optimize Bandwidth - When you purchase SIP and Internet together, TEC allocates bandwidth dynamically: more for data when phones are idle, more for voice services during active calls.

Affordable Scalability - Avoid unnecessary costs by purchasing only the trunks you need.

PRI Trunks

If you need a more efficient, smarter phone service to meet the growing needs of your business, PRI trunking may be the solution. PRI trunks work best in locations where companies want to leverage the existing investment in their traditional PBX while benefiting from the managed costs, business continuity, and enhanced capabilities of IP-based telephone service.

PRI Trunks
Traditional Phone

Traditional Phone

In spite of all the new technology available in the market, what the industry refers to as “POTS”, or “plain old telephone service”, is still available and may be the best choice for some customers. TEC’s experts can evaluate your usage and the service options available for your location and may recommend that reliable traditional telephone service is your best option.

VoIP Advantage

The VoIP Advantage package includes a piece of equipment to deliver digital VoIP calls over an analog legacy phone set.

VOIP Advantage


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