TECalling Unlimited

Stay connected and safe with an unlimited calling plan including e911, flat monthly rates, and a full range of features.

Call Forever

Talk for as long as you like. Never run out of minutes with one of our unlimited calling plans.

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Get the most out of your phone.

Enjoy everything your home phone has to offer with these premium add-ons.

Manage Callers

Deal with callers your way thanks to caller management features.

  • Reject calls from unknown callers with Anonymous Call Rejection.
  • Block a list of unwanted callers with Call Screening.
  • Report harassing callers with Call Trace.
  • Create a unique ring for selected callers with Distinctive Ringing.

For more caller management features, view our comprehensive calling features guide.

Manage Calls

Take control of incoming and active calls with call management features.

  • Forward incoming calls to another phone. Call Forwarding options include busy, no answer, and more.
  • Send ongoing calls to another number with Call Transfer.
  • Answer a second call and put the first on hold with Call Waiting.
  • Talk with 2 other callers together with Three-Way Calling.

Identify Callers

Manage your privacy with a selection of caller id options.

  • See the number of an incoming caller with Basic.
  • Hide your number for outgoing calls with Block.
  • View the name and number of an incoming caller Deluxe.
  • Get the details for an incoming call while you're on another call with Enhanced.


Lifeline helps low-income households afford phone, Internet, or bundled services. Eligible customers will get at least $9.25 toward their bill.

Find out more about TEC and Lifeline.

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Turn your phone line into a lifeline with TEC and stay connected to friends, family, and the world.

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Stay connected

Stay in reach of grandparents or relatives who require special care with a reliable, familiar, and easy to use landline phone.

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Accessibility Options

Communicate with ease, thanks to support for accessibility options and services.

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Call the World

Stay in touch with friends around the globe. Get affordable international calls starting at 29c per minute.