Fast Fiber Internet

Stream movies, music, and games anywhere in your house with Fast Fiber Internet and WiFi.

Plenty of speed for everyone.

Connect more devices and stream simultaneously. Watch all of your favorite live shows, sporting events and movies without buffering. Video chat without disruption.

Want faster internet?

Speeds up to 1Gbps available on TEC's Fiber network!

Maximize your experience.

Get even more out of your high-speed Internet with these premium add-ons.

Personalized Email

Keep the same email address for life. Domain aliases allow you to use your personal email address, e.g. [email protected], with your TEC email inbox.

Disaster Protection

We've got you covered when things go wrong. There is no additional charge for modem replacement in the event of power surges, lightning, or other unexpected disasters.


Lifeline helps low-income households afford phone, Internet, or bundled services. Eligible customers will get at least $9.25 toward their bill.

Find out more about TEC and Lifeline.

Email: Secure and Private

  • Maximize your productivity with email, tasks, address book, calendar, and file storage.
  • Enjoy complete privacy with no advertising or 3rd party access.
  • Get strong security with built-in encryption, and spam, phishing, and virus protection.
  • Keep emails forever with 15 Gigabytes of storage.
  • Use on any device. Support for iOS and Android, with clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Add extra mailboxes for $2 per mailbox per month.

It gets even better.

We love saying “Yes!” but sometimes “No” is an even better answer.

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No Contract


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No Equipment Fee


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No Data Caps


Want faster internet?

Speeds up to 1Gbps available on TEC's Fiber network!