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There are many TV streaming services, but deciding which ones are right for you can be challenging. Now, you can use TEC’s MyBundleTV tool to get personalized recommendations. Just answer a few questions, select the channels you watch, and you'll receive custom recommendations to fit your streaming needs at the lowest prices available.

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Did you know there is a world of streaming services beyond household favorites like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime? To discover new options you can add to your existing streaming lineup, visit our marketplace. There you can browse and sign up for 130+ unique streaming services to build a TV package that fits all of your viewing needs.

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Create a free Streaming Profile, to access the following features across all your streaming services:

  • Personalized Show & Movie Recommendations
  • Search Where to Watch Specific Titles
  • Manage your Streaming Expenses
  • Create Watchlists & Track What You're Watching
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All you need is a high-speed internet connection, a Smart TV or streaming device, and streaming channels!


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Use the MyBundleTV tool to find streaming options that meet your viewing needs at the best possible prices.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions about streaming TV services

What is Streaming TV?

Streaming TV is entertainment transmitted over the internet instead of a cable or satellite box. With our reliable internet, you can stream your favorite TV channels, shows, movies, documentaries, and more – live or on demand. Using a streaming device or smart TV, you can watch services on your TV, or you can stream them on your computer or mobile devices.

Why should I switch to streaming TV?

Cable TV is constantly getting more expensive and often includes more channels than you actually watch. With Streaming, you can enjoy the same content and channels you’re used to in a more affordable package. Beyond live TV, with streaming you can access low-cost or free services that offer movies, shows and documentaries that match your interests. Streaming also provides you the ability to watch your favorite content wherever and however you want.

What is MyBundle TV?

We’ve partnered with MyBundle to help simplify your streaming TV experience because we know it can be confusing. My Bundle’s suite of free tools help you eliminate all the work needed to find the streaming services that have the content you want. Whether it’s finding a replacement for cable or satellite with the channels you need, discovering new streaming services that match your interests, or deciding what to watch next – MyBundle can help. (Plus it can save you money and hours in the process!)

How does Find My Bundle work?

Answer a few questions about your lifestyle and viewing preferences. Input your zip code. Select your must-have live TV channels and Find My Bundle will present the best streaming TV service(s) for you to replace cable TV. Enter your email if you’d like a copy of your results or go ahead and sign-up for the service(s) that best matches your needs and budget right there.

What is a Smart TV or Streaming Device?

If you've purchased a TV in the last few years, it most likely has the ability to stream many of the services available. If you are interested in having access to a broader set of Streaming service, or have an older TV, then Roku, Amazon, Google, and others all sell affordable Streaming Devices that turn almost any TV into a Smart TV. Streaming Devices offer an easy and simple-to-use interface that allow you to watch your favorite shows and movies. You can either connect the TV or Streaming device to your Wi-Fi network or often right into a modem. Once connected, you're ready to stream!

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