Brady Retires from TEC

James Brady
Bay Springs, Miss. – James Brady, Bay Springs Chief Technician/Telephone Foreman, retired from TEC on February 5, 2016, after 46 years of service. 

Brady began his career with Bay Springs Telephone Company in Bay Springs, MS as a technician in May 1969.  In May 2005 he was promoted to the position of Chief Technician/Telephone Foreman. 

Since 1969, Brady has experienced many changes in the telecommunications industry – starting with plain old telephone service (POTS) just serving dial tone, up to the current digital broadband world where having the copper in pristine condition is critical to high speed delivery. Additionally, Brady gained a lot of knowledge on grounding and bonding and became very proficient with the various testers in digital broadband.  He worked with various teams to allow TEC to provide the best possible Internet product to the customers. 

Over the last few years of his tenure, he oversaw the task of cutting-in multiple new remotes in order to make high speed Internet available to a larger footprint of customers. He has been a great resource for other technicians, expecting only their best effort. 

Brady’s retirement plans are to travel, fish and spend time with his daughter, Mary Windham.


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