TEC Launches Fiber Broadband For Local Businesses

Joey GarnerJackson, Miss. –TEC announces the expansion of high speed Internet via fiber optics to their host of business telecommunication solutions. This deployment of fiber optic technology is now available in the downtown Bay Springs area. Higher broadband symmetrical speeds are available with the new fiber build. TEC encourages everyone in the local business community to find out more about this exciting new product and how it can affect the overall productivity and cost-effectiveness of their company.

Fiber to the Business or Premise (FTTX) is universally referred to as the gold standard of business Internet connections. Even though fiber optic Internet is the way of the future, as of 2012 only 23% of Americans have access to fiber broadband ranking the United States 14th of many western countries in fiber optic penetration according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

 “TEC offers the fastest Internet available in today’s business world. Local companies will be able to transfer large amounts of data quickly and seamlessly,” said Joey F. Garner, Executive Vice President. “The single and most simple thing that any business can do to unlock their productivity potential is to have technology that works really well for their entire company.”

 According to the FCC in Measuring Broadband Report 2013, companies providing fiber optic Internet connections offer 117 percent of the advertised speed during peak times. Additionally, the FCC found that fiber Internet has the lowest latency of all of service types tested.  

 Garner added, “Even if broadband speeds become 1000 times faster in 10 years, a single existing fiber optic connection will still be able to support it.”

 Fiber optic technology uses light instead of electricity to transmit data utilizing higher frequencies and greater capacity levels. Made from glass or plastic, this allows data to travel greater distances with limited interference and energy loss.

 As an innovative and independent company based in Mississippi, TEC is committed to delivering reliable, customized communication services across the nation. In addition to offices in Mississippi, TEC also has offices in Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee. For more information see,, or


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