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Where can I find the MyBackup Client?

The MyBackup Client can be downloaded from the following links. Please be sure to choose the version that is compatible with your hardware.

MyBackup - Windows(32-bit)     MyBackup - Windows(64-bit)     MyBackup - Mac

How do I begin to determine the problem with my internet?

Before you troubleshoot your Internet connectivity problem, make sure you’ve finished installing any software, and that all cables are securely attached to your router and computer. If the problem continues, choose the solution below that best applies to your situation.

Why are none of my computers connecting?

If you keep losing your wireless Internet connection on every computer connected to your network, try one of the following steps:

  • Disable your firewall and/or antivirus software if they’ve been recently changed or upgraded. If this solves the issue, contact the software manufacturer.
  • If you upgraded Windows XP, make sure the Windows firewall isn't running. If it is, disable it.
  • Powercycle (reboot) your network devices
    1. Shut down your computer.
    2. Turn off your modem and unplug it from the power outlet.
    3. Turn off the wireless router by pressing the power button in the back.
    4. Plug the modem in and turn it on. Wait two minutes until it’s completely restarted before moving on to Step 5.
    5. Turn on the wireless router. Wait two minutes until it's completely restarted before moving on to Step 6.
    6. Turn on the computer.

If this doesn’t restore your connection, try connecting your computer directly to your modem. Unplug your modem, wait one minute, then plug it back in. If you can connect to the Internet, turn off your modem and computer, and reconnect your router.

Is my device loaded with the latest updates?

Make sure you download and install the latest software updates for your device. Check your user guide or manufacturer’s website.

Should I check my security settings?

Ensure all wireless devices have the same settings.

  • SSID: this is case sensitive.
  • Channel: the wireless channels are 1 to 11.
  • Mode: the wireless mode should be set to either ad hoc or infrastructure.
  • Encryption: you have these options for encryption:
    • Don't use any
    • Use WEP
    • Use WPA
    • Enable wireless access point
  • If Access Control List (ACL) is enabled on your router, make sure the MAC address of the wireless adapter is included in that list.
  • When configuring a router:
    • The user name must include a whole address like - NOT just "testaccount".
    • After making changes, click Apply.
  • If you've enabled security and have problems connecting, disable security by setting encryption to None, then try connecting again.


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