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What can cause a false alarm?

Anytime any of the devices detects a change, an alarm can occur. In some instances, the change could be caused by an environmental change or a physical change. A false alarm by a motion detector can be caused by an environmental change or a build up of dust on the device. A false alarm by a door or window contact may be caused by the door not closing properly, or the door magnet could be weak and need to be serviced.

What does "DC" on my keypad display mean?

"DC" will appear anytime the Download Software has been used to access the control panel's programming. We have the capability to dial into an alarm panel and "talk" with the unit. When we do this the "DC" may be displayed

My keypad is displaying "6F" or "BF." What does this mean?

Service is required. "6F" or "BF" is an error code associated with the Long-Range Radio backup system. When these codes are displayed, the Radio has lost connection with the Network used to report your alarms in the event your telephone service is unavailable.

Can I increase the volume of the keypad?

Some of the systems do allow the keypad volume to be increased or decreased. Please refer to your user manual for the procedure for your particular system. For the Lynx Wireless system, press the function key (#), then press the volume key (2), then press the up or down arrow to change the volume level.

How do I change my panel battery?

The battery can be changed by the end-user. In a hardwired alarm system, the battery is found in the main control panel. There will be a red wire and a black wire connected to the battery. Unplug both wires from the existing battery and plug them back into the new battery. Be sure to connect the Red wire to the Red terminal of the battery and the Black wire to the Black terminal of the battery.

System Keypad is blank. Does this mean there is no power?

This normally means the electrical power has been removed from the system and the battery has been exhausted. Check all of the circuit breakers. If none are tripped and you have power in your home, service will be required.

What is my Pass Code -- Can you give it to me over the phone?

For your protection Pass Codes are not given out over the phone. Some type of identification is required to receive this confidential information.

Who do I call when I set my alarm off by accident and there is no real emergency?

Call our Local Number 1-800-832-2515 and request the Monitoring Station to cancel the alarm.


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