TEC provided a turnkey, customized solution for GI Associates business phone, internet and network services.    We helped with transitioning their communication services from 3 locations into their new building.  While they were moving we set up new services, arranging overlaps of older contracts so they would have no downtime and were not paying for something they weren’t using.

“TEC has been able to provide 100% uptime.  TEC was always willing to customize what we needed, they didn’t just unload a premade bundle on us and force us to use it. They provide us with a single point of contact so that we can call one person to get all of our problems resolved, whether they be adding services or removing services or dealing with problems as they come up.  Right now all of our forms of communications go through TEC - internet, telephone, network, everything.  TEC is our connection to the outside world.

We feel very comfortable that TEC has gone above and beyond customizing services for us, even offering to loan us equipment at one time in order to maintain our uptime while we were in the middle of our transition.  We feel very comfortable they will do anything in order to keep us up and running.  TEC’s tech support is spectacular.  Working with TEC gives us great peace of mind.  We love TEC, TEC has been wonderful to us.”  Don Deas – IT Director GI Associates

For your business communications needs, contact TEC today at 1-800-832-2515 or visit our business services page: https://www.tec.com/Business

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