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TEC delivers High Speed Internet access to your home or business. It's fast. It's always on. It saves you money. These are just a few things you can look forward to with your high speed TEC Internet service. Get ready to enrich your online capabilites by accessing the full potential of the Internet.


From simple downloads to on-demand streaming, TEC can get you there faster.


Built-in Wi-Fi access lets you keep your whole family connected, from anywhere in your home.


Not only do you get fast, reliable Internet, you also get 5 Google Apps accounts, 24/7 technical support and more.

It's Your Internet, Make It Right For You!

TEC Home Internet lets you take advantage of the full potential the Internet has to offer.

Home 10.0

as low as

$69.00 /mo.*

regular $117.95


Downloads up to

Best for surfing the web and checking your email.

Multiple upload speeds available.

Home 15.0

as low as


Downloads up to

Best for streaming music, checking email and web surfing.

Home 25.0

as low as


Downloads up to

Best for streaming your favorite music and movies.

Home 50.0

as low as


Downloads up to

Best for streaming your favorite movies on multiple devices.

Features To Enhance Your Experience

With TEC High Speed Internet, you can enjoy virtually endless email storage, plus all the ease-of-use and functionality of Google Apps!

What You Get With High Speed Internet

5 Email Accounts

No Advertizing or 3rd-Party Access

Top-of-the-Line SPAM & Virus Protection

Access To 24 Hour Live Technical Support

15Gb of Cloud-based Storage For Email

Basic Local Speedtesting

Features To Enhance Your Experience

Take advantage of our data storage, parental controls, web hosting and other extended services aimed at helping you get the most out of your Internet service.

MyBackup as low as $4.99/month

Provides automated storage in a secure location that prevents loss of data.

Download the MyBackup Client
  Windows - 32 Bit Installer
  Windows - 64 Bit Installer
  Mac - Installer

MyPatrol starting at $1.95/month

Allows parents to control where, when and how their children use the internet.

Additional Email Accounts $5/month per account

Increase the number of email accounts that can be assigned.

Domain Alias $1 per alias

Allows users to assign multiple domain names to one account.

* Promotional rates require a 36 month price guarantee. Download speeds may vary. TEC reserves the right to make service upgrades and do routine maintenance to the system, which may cause interruptions in service. High Speed Internet Access is not available in some areas, and prequalification does not guarantee service availability at installation location. Please note that equipment cost and installation are not included in the monthly pricing. Additional fees may apply. Early termination applicable if service is disconnected prior to term maturity.

** Speed comparisons based on the estimated time to perform file downloads at the referenced maximum connection speeds. Speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Actual download speeds may vary based on Internet factors including, but not limited to, site traffic, content provider server capacity, and the combined use of other TEC products.


Get the personalized help and support you need from TEC professionals.


TEC provides secure access to your email account with Webmail.

My Account

My Account gives you quick access for managing your TEC account(s).