Do You Know About These Exciting VoIP Features?

More and more small businesses are switching to VoIP phone systems every day because VoIP, and particularly cloud-hosted VoIP service, offers more features than a traditional phone system and many of those features are available at no additional charge.  However, because many business owners are coming from old, traditional telephone technology they are often not aware of the wealth of features and options that VoIP provides.

A few features you may not be aware of

Voicemail Transcription

Unlike traditional telephone technology, VoIP systems have the capacity to do things like transcribe voicemails into email messages and send them to a preferred address. Voicemails can also be forwarded to a mobile device as a .wav file that can be played on the mobile device or forwarded to someone else for handling.

Real-time Mentoring

Another exciting feature that TEC offers in TECFlex, our cloud-hosted VoIP product, is a coaching tool that allows managers to monitor calls and make comments and recommendations that only your employee can hear through their earpiece during a call with customers, instead of having to wait until the end of the conversation.


The auto-attendant has also become a popular feature with small business owners.  It gives callers audible call routing options that you can update and customize as needed, on your own computer, using the TECFlex Commportal feature.

TEC’s account and technical support staff will take the time to understand your business, explain our business, and help you figure out how a combination of the two will become a powerful new tool to help you reach your goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • The features that VoIP technology makes available are becoming more and more important to small business owners.
  • Understanding and integrating the right features can help small businesses deliver a more professional engagement with their customers.
  • TEC can play an important role in helping business owners choose and customize the communications technology that will allow them to meet their business objectives.