Hosted VoIP Is The Future Of Business Communications

Everyone is constantly on the move these days. And with today’s technology, people work everywhere, all the time, and communications systems must keep up with the increased demand. Your business needs a communications system that can deliver the various functions and enhancements that your business needs. TECFlex from TEC can put you in control of all your modes of communication, allowing you to manage your phone networks with ease and confidence.

What is hosted VoIP & why do I need it?

VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, is quite simply a phone system that routes calls using the Internet instead of traditional wire networks. This move to a digital platform removes many limitations of previous phone systems. The deskset of a VoIP system can be located anywhere there is an Internet connection, yet it can still be a part of your overall, comprehensive phone system. VoIP allows you to link many locations into one system. Working from home or on the road can be transparent to anyone calling you at your "desk."

TECFlex creates a unified, multi-media phone system, hosted in the cloud, often at a lower cost than traditional copper telephone service. If you’re considering a move to hosted VoIP or want to learn more about some of the features a cloud-hosted phone system can offer your business, click here to contact TEC today!