Take a Virtual Vacation Right at Home

We know this holiday season is going to be very different from the usual. We will probably have a couple of Zoom Christmas parties instead of the close gatherings we are used to.

And if you thought travelling during the holidays was difficult before, you definitely don’t want to deal with it this year.

Fortunately, you won’t have to.

A new browser extension allows users to see Christmas displays in cities all over the world – right from your desktop! The extension is called Tab with A View: Christmas Edition.

It is available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users and will populate your screen with dazzling displays of holiday cheer every time you open a new tab. And because all photos and videos are submitted by users, you can send in a display you captured and have it viewed by millions around the globe.

See the Cobwebbed Christmas Trees of Ukraine or the Decorated Ships in Spain. Treat your senses to hundreds of incredible sights and sounds this year.

Stay safe and stay merry this holiday season!