TEC’s Tech Gift Guide for 2020

We can all agree this year has been tough. With the COVID-19 sweeping the nation and forcing us indoors like cavemen, we know you will join us in breathing a sigh of relief over the coming of a new year. But before we can get there, we have some shopping to do. With the new lifestyle habits we have all been forced to conform to this year, we thought it might be nice to create a tech gift list you can use to make your life at home a little better.

Weight loss

I don’t know about you, but I was binging more than just Netflix at the start of this pandemic outbreak! We can say one positive thing about Covid - it was a very convenient reason not to go to the gym (because I totally was going to go, otherwise.) But maybe you have a family member who is ready to start getting in shape after all that bread they were baking, so we have compiled a short list of our favorite gadgets to help lose those pounds!

Fitbit Charge 4


You can never go wrong with the classics. Fitbit has been making workout tech since 2007 and it has only become better. If you are looking for a stream-lined, elegant, smart wearable tech to monitor your weight loss journey, you have hit the gold mine! This baby has it all: 24/7 heart rate tracking, real-time pace and distance tracking, a swim proof shell, and so much more. Check out all the features and design choices at the Fitbit website.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker BUDGET


Not interested in spending that much on a really fancy watch? We get it! The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker is a great alternative. In comparison tests, the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker was able to hold its own against the Fitbit in almost every arena, even beating it in some! For much less money you can get so much out of this great device: activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, call and message display, and everything in between. Go checkout this awesome steal at Amazon.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer


Feeling the burn is not quite as satisfying as seeing the results spelled out in numbers, is it? That’s why you need the Withings Smart Body Analyzer! It may look like just an over-glorified scale, but it measures so much more than weight. It also shows you your BMI, body fat, water percentage, muscle/bone mass, and even the weather! Get all your results synced to your personal device through the app and start monitoring your health immediately. Visit the Withings website to see all the buying options.

Eufy Smart Scale C1 BUDGET


Though the Withings scale may be on the cutting edge of weight tracking technology, there’s no need to break the bank to get a similar scale for a quarter of the price. The Eufy Smart Scale offers 12 measurements sent directly to the free companion app and it recognizes up to 16 different users from one account. The sleek style and compact shape ensure it will make a nice addition to any space. Check it out at Eufy website.

Cooking at Home

Everyone knows that one person that needs a little help in the kitchen. Whether they are cooking out of necessity because you don’t want to go to any packed restaurants right now, or they just love it as a hobby, these gifts will ensure a more enjoyable chef experience!

WIFI Sous Vide Precision Cooker


Yea... I don’t know what most of those words mean either but trust us on this. Using this thing is so simple, even your nephew in college can use it, and we both know he only knows how to make like two things. All you do is place the Precision Cooker on the side of a pot filled with water, place your food in a sealed bag and attach it to the cooker, then tell the cooker what you want it to do and it does all the work! You literally set it and forget it. Go purchase this at the Anova website.

Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer BUDGET


Maybe you have a friend who could just use an extra hand in the kitchen. If that’s the case, why not get them the Automatic Pan Stirrer? For those recipes that call for continuous stirring (who has time for that, am I right?) here is a great little helper that can save you an arm and a leg…well, at least an arm. Simply place it in the pan, set the timer, and deal with the other thousand things you have to do. You can find this great little friend at Uncommon goods.

Amazon Echo Show 10


Maybe just having a hand in the kitchen isn’t enough. How about a brain? The all-new Amazon Echo Show 10 offers the recipient an entire digital assistant in the kitchen. Not only can they make video calls, stream videos, browse recipes, and play music through it - the thing even moves to meet your eyeline! It’s basically your own little robot kitchen mate! Learn more at Amazon.

Amazon Echo Show 5 BUDGET


We know your friend may not be as interested in all the bells and whistles. Maybe they just want a simple voice-controlled device that can do most of the things the new Echo Show can do, just at a bit lower quality. Behold, the Amazon Echo Show 5! An earlier model of the Echo Show 10, it still provides many of the same features like video conferencing, music, streaming, and master control of other Alexa devices! If this alternative is more suitable to your budget, you can go ahead and grab it at Amazon.

For Kids

Ah yes, who can forget about the kids? The little angels who woke you up at 5 am the whole time you were quarantined. Don’t they deserve a great gift?



Let’s face it, this is exactly what they deserve…

Sphero Bolt


If you’re reading this, it means coal is out of the question. Oh well, maybe we can at least teach them a thing or two without them realizing they are learning while playing. Sphero makes a fantastic line of STEM based toys for kids. These toys teach children of all ages valuable lessons about coding and technology but they are also really cool and fun. The Sphero Bolt is awesome! It has a programmable LED display for real-time data, advanced robot sensors, educational games that come with it or create your own, and over 4 hours of playtime in a single charge! Get this amazing smart toy at Sphero.

Sphero Mini BUDGET


Looking for something a little less flashy, but still just as fun and educational? Sphero has you covered there as well; less experienced learners can play the STEM-inspired games on the app while the more experienced can actually code the Mini. Build obstacles and towers then navigate the Mini through the house. It has a gyroscope, accelerometer, and colorful LED lights to make learning fun! Find this gift today at Spero.

Altair AA108 Kids Drone


We know what you’re really after. You want a toy that you can write off as a gift for your kids, however, it is totally a gift for you. Well, we may just be able to oblige you! This drone may say it’s for kids, but you will find it just as cool. It has a 120-degree wide angle 720p camera that connects to your smart device, one touch take-off and landing, and altitude hold that keeps it from going out of control and crashing to the ground. It is the perfect beginner drone for your little one! Check it out at Amazon.

Oaxis myFirst Drone BUDGET


If you are looking for something even more crash proof or just don’t want to spend too much money, you can go with the Oaxis myFirst Drone. It has a plastic shell enclosing the propellers, making it crash-proof, and it hovers at an altitude of 3 meters, meaning it can’t fly away. This is the perfect gift for that little one who just wants something simple to play with. It’s basically the ball of the future! Get it from Oaxis.


Everyone has that one person in their family or friend group. They might be 5 or 45, but they LOVE gaming. It’s all they talk about, it’s all they think about. They are on a strict Mountain Dew and Doritos diet, they are a gold member on Twitch, and they spend all their free time in a dark cave with only the warm glow of the TV or computer screen to keep them company. This is for them.

Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Cockpit


Obviously, we are just joking with this one but, I mean, COME ON! Look at that thing! It’s so cool! If you want to go look at it and see more info about it (because why wouldn’t you?) you can read more at The Verge.

Anyway, here’s the real list.

Nintendo Switch


I know you’ve heard of them. They are everywhere these days and for some people, the Nintendo Switch is the only thing keeping them sane right now while they are still at home. If you are of a certain age reading this, you may be thinking to yourself, “Nintendo? Isn’t that the 80’s console that we played Mario on? Why would my gamer friend want that?”. Well, it is the same company, but it is a whole new system. This game system allows the player to switch from playing on the device to playing on the tv! Players can take it anywhere and play it like an old GameBoy, but it has those same amazing graphics we know and love from games today. There are so many new games to play on the system and many of them are being praised by game critics and players alike. If this is on your shopping list, you should know they fly off the shelves. Get it at Nintendo.

Google Stadia BUDGET


If you really want to make that friend or loved one happy, you might consider paying for a subscription to Google Stadia. It’s unconventional, but it’s the wave of the future and soon, everyone will be getting gift cards to pay for their subscription services. At least this one offers them a diverse selection of games all available to them on their devices at the click of a button. They have all the popular titles and they allow access to your own library from any device! Check it out at Google Stadia.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset


Any gamer knows the quality of a game comes from both the visuals and the sound. Many gamers chat online or stream their content and others just don’t want their audio to be blasting through the house. However, they play, a good gaming headset is a must. So why not shoot for the best: the SteelSeries Arctis Pro. They are dual wireless, Bluetooth, hi-res, lightweight aluminum alloy, and come with a swappable dual-battery system. Shop today at Steelseries.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 BUDGET


We understand that the previous option might be a little out of your price range, but that is okay! SteelSeries has a budget friendly alternative that is still amazing quality. The Arctis 1 is made to be used on any platform so they can wear these puppies on any gaming system. It features the same soundscape that the Arctis Pros use so there’s barely a loss of quality. The microphone is detachable, and the sound clarity is Discord-certified. This headset is everything your gamer needs without the fluff. Get them now at Steelseries.

Binging TV/Movies

Now is an amazing time for binging your favorite shows and movies, old and new. If your friends and loved ones have not already jumped on the streaming wagon, maybe it’s time you gave them a push with one of these excellent items.

Apple TV 4k


Apple TV is a device you can connect to your TV that allows you to tap into all your favorite streaming services, plus Apple TV’s own original series. Apple TV 4K provides users with picture in picture so you can stream that movie while keeping an eye on the big game and AirPlay so you can share 4K videos from your iPhone or iPad straight to your TV. It has audio sharing which allows users to connect two sets of AirPods to the TV so you can let others enjoy the quiet, plus so many more features. Check it out at Apple.

Roku Express BUDGET


Then again, there is nothing like the classic Roku streaming device. Simply plug it up to your TV and stream all your favorite shows. Access your favorite streaming apps with the simple click of your Roku remote and get everything you could possibly need out of your TV streaming experience. Grab it up quick at Roku.

Yamaha YAS-209


The greatest TV shows and movies must be given the utmost room to truly knock your socks off. Make sure your friends and family watch binge with the best sound system. The Yamaha YAS-209 allows them to set up easily to any TV with HDMI or optical cable inputs. It provides a wireless subwoofer for deep bass, Alexa built-in voice control, and Clear Voice for enhanced dialogue clarity! Upgrade their sound with this amazing soundbar at Yamaha.

Roku Smart Soundbar BUDGET


With this budget friendly soundbar, you get not only a great sound system, but also a streaming device! The Roku Smart Soundbar allows your gift receiver all the benefits of a great sound system – Crisp, clear, dialogue, dynamic bass, Bluetooth music player, and a voice remote connection – along with access to all their favorite streaming apps rolled into one. This awesome product can be found for a steal at Roku.

Obviously, at the end of the day, you are going to have a great time with family and friends no matter what you give them. We just hope our little list here gets you some great ideas for some great people. And remind them they can get 1 Gig of Fast Fiber Internet from TEC all year round.