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Chmielewski Named To Association Board of Directors

Mark Chmielewski Mark Chmielewski, Compliance Consultant with Technology Solutions Group (TSG), a division of TEC, was recently named to the Board of Directors of the Jackson chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (CompTIA AITP).

Chmielewski is a four-year veteran of TSG, where he conducts HIPAA compliance audits and HIPAA training seminars for TSG clients. He has also created and presented detailed findings reports and compliance recommendations for TSG clients subject to HIPAA rules and regulations. Prior to joining TSG, Chmielewski was a Field Manager for the Nielsen Company for 21 years. While at Nielsen he managed a portion of the National Television Exclusive Sample and oversaw teams in seven states, ensuring the quality of the data that produced the Nielsen TV Ratings.

Mark and his wife, Michelle, have two daughters and reside in Madison, Mississippi.

CompTIA AITP began as the National Machine Accountants Association back in the 1950s, and an active chapter was formed in Jackson in 1966. With the advent of powerful, mainframe computers and the accompanying staffs, the name was soon changed to DPMA (Data Processing Management Association) to focus more on the processing of all types of data. However, with the proliferation of personal and mid-range computers, this name also became dated, and effective in 1996 the association members changed its name to CompTIA AITP.

 With nearly ninety years of experience in privacy, auditing/accounting, and telecom compliance, TSG was created to provide dependable review and recommendations that help businesses fulfill all of the HIPAA electronic data requirements. TSG’s headquarters are located in Jackson, MS.