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Construction Completed for Fast Fiber Internet in Mize and Mt. Olive

Bay Springs, Miss (October 24, 2022) --- TEC, a leading provider of fiber internet to rural communities across the Southeast, has completed construction that extends broadband infrastructure within the Mize and Mt. Olive communities, bringing Fast Fiber Internet to an additional 950 businesses and homes in the area. TEC was one of 386 competing companies in the November 2020, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) auction, which awarded $9 billion for the provision of broadband internet to unserved and underserved areas throughout the United States. TEC, with the assistance of the FCC, will fund the building and delivery of broadband access to Copiah, Covington, Jasper, Lawrence, Lincoln, Newton, Rankin, Scott, Simpson, and Smith counties. The completed project will expand Fast Fiber Internet access to more than 23,000 families and businesses in rural Mississippi, allowing access to such services as distance education and telemedicine.

"The importance of good internet at home and in rural areas is more than just a nice-to-have perk; it has become crucial for work, school, and medical access,” states Jan Collins, Vice President of Communications and Government Relations of Southern Pine Electric. “We are pleased that TEC can offer unconnected Mississippians, their customers, and our members, Fast Fiber Internet. It’s a win-win situation and helps level the playing field in rural areas, opens the talent pool beyond the city limits, and gives rural kids the same opportunities as everyone else. We are excited about the day that we can all enjoy fast, affordable, and reliable internet.”

TEC’s goal is to bridge the digital divide by providing a reliable, high-speed internet option that positively impacts the communities it serves. With Fast Fiber Internet from TEC, residents can

enjoy access to work-from-home opportunities, online learning, appointments with physicians via telemedicine, and video streaming services.

"TEC is proud to announce that our expansion of Fast Fiber Internet has been completed in the Mount Olive and Mize communities," says Joey Garner, President and CEO of the company. "Customers in rural areas deserve equal access to reliable internet in order to take advantage of services that have become vital in today's world. TEC is determined to make that happen for our customers."


The current project completed 107 miles of fiber infrastructure and connects an additional 950 residential and business customers to Fast Fiber Internet with Gigabit speeds, home security, and phone services to Mize and Mt. Olive communities. One Gig internet connections give the best online experience for streamers, gamers, social media users, and families with multiple users at home. Those interested in signing up for service can visit to complete a quick form.