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Downtown Friendship Gets an Upgrade to Fast Fiber Internet

Friendship, Tenn (April 4, 2022) --- TEC, a leading provider of fiber broadband to rural areas of West Tennessee, has finished Fast Fiber Internet construction in the downtown Friendship area. The completion of this project delivers gig-speed broadband access to more than 100 homes and businesses.

“We are excited to bring TEC Fast Fiber Internet to downtown Friendship and areas throughout the city,” says Director of Network Operations at TEC, John Cole. “Fiber based internet changes the way shop, work, educate, and interact online. The need for quality, reliable, and fast internet connectivity is crucial for daily tasks and communication. I am thankful TEC has invested in providing gig-speed broadband here at home.”

With TEC’s Fast Fiber Internet, customers within the finished project area can take full advantage of technology that has become vital in today's world: Remote employment, digital learning, telemedicine, and streaming video services. A reliable, fast internet connection will also change the economic landscape for downtown Friendship businesses, allowing them to produce goods and provide services more efficiently.

“The change to fiber internet has been great!” states Friendship Nutrition owner, Brooke Burress. “My business is running smoothly, and we had no down time in the transition to fiber. I am also able to access online videos and research materials for my Masters in PA studies all while running the store with no issues. So happy that our small community has access to Fiber internet at this level.”


The current project covers a little more than three miles and can connect more than 100 residential and business customers to Fast Fiber Internet, providing symmetrical gigabit speeds, and phone services to downtown Friendship. One-gig internet connections give the best online experience for streamers, gamers, social media users, and families using multiple devices at home. Those who would like to sign up for service should visit to complete a short form.