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Fast Fiber Internet Coming to More of Jasper County

Bay Springs, Miss (March 8, 2022) --- TEC, a leading rural broadband provider in Mississippi, is a recipient of a federal grant from the Community Connect Grant Program. These funds will deliver access to Gigabit speed internet to the most rural and underserved portions of Jasper County. TEC has previously invested in the area's broadband infrastructure, and this grant allows TEC to extend that service to Paulding, Rose Hill, and Newton.

“The necessity of high-speed internet access is gravely apparent in small-town communities,” states TEC’s Vice President of Strategic Operations Lisa Wigington. “This project will be major progress to close the digital divide for some of the most rural portions of Jasper County. We are very grateful for this grant, which also allows TEC to create a Wi-Fi hotspot location with public access to computers at the Country Corner Store in Newton.”

Recognizing this vital need for broadband, the Country Corner Store will become a Fast Fiber Internet access point. TEC will provide 24 months of free service and two laptops to help make this community service possible.

“The day we can get everyone in these communities access to internet will be a great day,” says Jasper County Supervisor Eddie Helms. “We don’t have it out here; I don’t even have it where I live in the South part near the Jones County line. These young people need it, and I hope everyone is able to get access to this because it seems to be the way everything is going nowadays.”

TEC’s continued goal is to minimize the broadband access gap by providing a reliable, high-quality, and affordable internet solution. TEC supports the local economy with dependable fiber internet connections which offer improved quality of life through telemedicine, distance learning, and work-from-home options. Additionally, high-speed broadband provides personal enjoyment, such as streaming videos or gaming.


The current project covers a little over 80 miles and will connect over 1,000 residential and business customers to Fast Fiber Internet, providing symmetrical Gigabit speeds, home security, and phone services to Jasper County. 1 Gig internet connections give the best online experience for streamers, gamers, social media users, and families using multiple devices at home.