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TEC Announces Promotion of James Garner to Chief Technology Officer

Jackson, Miss. (February 23, 2022) – TEC, a leading provider of broadband across the Southeast, is excited to announce the promotion of James Garner to Chief Technology Officer.

James began his tenure at TEC in 1992, building it on a firm foundation by working with outside plant and construction technicians. In 1995, he was instrumental in deploying TEC’s flagship internet service, ahead of many competitors. He has collaborated across departments at TEC, including the Switching Network, Regulatory, and Information Technology teams.

“Since joining TEC, I have been fortunate enough to work with a fantastic group of people, while watching the company rapidly grow and evolve over the past 30 years,” says Garner. “I have worked in every operational aspect of the company starting with the construction crew, and worked my way through stints with engineering, Outside Plant and Central Office technicians. That experience has proved invaluable and gives me a real appreciation for the hard-working people who make TEC special. The evolution of TEC has been really fascinating. As the dynamics change in the marketplace and technology advances, we must keep up with it. The thing I am most excited about is that we are now able to move forward with a broadband-first mindset, and to grow and expand our services to new territories."

“James is a wise thinker, and this role will allow him to deliberate, plan, and strategize more for TEC’s future,” states Joey F. Garner, Executive Vice President of TEC. “James understands our company, our industry, and our potential. He additionally shares a vision for TEC’s future that will ensure not only survival but also continued excellence.”

During his three decades at TEC, James Garner has amassed an impressive wealth of knowledge and experience in engineering strategies and network operations within the telecom industry. His long-term, proactive plan will result in many more years of innovative service for TEC customers.