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TEC Celebrates 95 Years of Telecommunications

Joey Garner TEC is recognized as an innovative telecommunications company serving the southeastern United States.

TEC’s history dates back to 1923, when it was known as the Bay Springs Telephone Company. The company initially provided basic telephone service to rural communities but as communication needs evolved over the years, the company’s progressive goals kept customers served with the latest technology. From the introduction of automatic dialing equipment to cutting-edge broadband services, an honest commitment to customers has driven TEC continually to develop creative technology solutions.

In 1972, TEC was created to consolidate some of the daily tasks and functions of its original affiliated telephone companies. Today, TEC is focused on installing miles of fiber optic cable to deliver high-speed Internet service to more customers in rural America. Additionally, TEC’s core value of providing innovative services is displayed in the business to business markets by offering VoIP/SIP products throughout the Southeast.

Today, TEC employs more than 250 people in four states. TEC operates six local telephone companies in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. These locations offer high-speed Internet service, local and long-distance calling, Internet Protocol (IP) voice solutions and both residential and business security services. Additionally, TEC has a business-to-business division located in Jackson, Mississippi, with sales efforts focused in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee, and operates other subsidiaries in Jackson, Mississippi and Monroe, Louisiana. 

TEC celebrates 95 years “TEC continues to pursue new opportunities to keep customers connected, whether it is through a new product or service or implementing a new technology,” stated Joey F. Garner. “We look forward to the next 95 years as we continue to introduce more innovative technology solutions to our customers.

Over the past 95 years, TEC has been successful in delivering the latest communications technology to its customers while maintaining the highest level of personal customer service.

Today, TEC stands strong as one of the nation’s leaders in this ever-changing industry, and businesses and communities across the country rely on TEC to stay connected.