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Bay Springs Telephone Company Completes Fast Fiber Internet Expansion in Jasper County

Bay Springs, Mississippi (January, 31 2024) – Bay Springs Telephone Company, a leading rural broadband provider, has successfully completed a 3-phase project in Jasper County. This venture expands Gigabit-speed internet coverage by an estimated 85 miles, providing access to over 600 homes and businesses in the rural and underserved areas of Jasper County, including Paulding, Rose Hill, and Newton. This project is made possible through combined investments nearing $4.2 million by TEC and a federal grant from the Community Connect Grant Program.

TEC's commitment to bridging the broadband access gap is evident in the completion of this project, enhancing the local economy and the quality of life for residents through improved access to telemedicine, remote learning, and work-from-home opportunities, as well as personal entertainment like streaming and gaming.

"TEC prioritizes broadband capabilities, and our new endeavor takes us a step closer to ensuring high-speed access for more unserved and underserved communities," stated Joey F. Garner, CEO of the company. "We're committed to a future where internet accessibility is a given, not a luxury."

In recognition of the vital need for broadband in the area, Bay Springs Telephone Company will provide complimentary Fast Fiber Internet service at the DS Country Corner Store on 63 Highway 504, Newton, MS 39345. The DS Country Corner Store will serve as a public community center equipped with two laptops and an outdoor hotspot provided by Bay Springs Telephone Company through an RUS Community Connect Grant. Additionally, BSTC will provide outdoor hotspots at the Central Volunteer Fire Department and Rose Hill Volunteer Fire Department. Moreover, BSTC will hold 5 Digital Literacy and Internet Safety classes for both students and parents in locations across Jasper County.


The project covers an estimated 85 miles and provides access to Fast Fiber Internet to over 600 homes and businesses, providing symmetrical Gigabit speeds and home phone services to parts of Jasper County. The Gigabit speed connections offer a top-notch online experience, catering to users ranging from streamers and gamers to large families. For inquiries or further details, please visit or contact us at 833-832-3423.


TEC provides economic stability to its local service areas, employing more than 200 people across Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana. TEC has invested in and maintains approximately 3,600 miles of fiber in its rural markets. For a century, TEC has been a forerunner in providing telecommunications services to rural America and was the first to bring internet options to many rural markets more than 20 years ago. For more information, visit or on social media under the handle, @TECconnects.