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TEC completes fiber installation project in Maury City and Frog Jump

Friendship, TN — TEC’s fiber optic broadband installation project is 100% complete for the Maury City and Frog Jump communities, providing residents and businesses with access to the fastest, most advanced technology available.

Fiber optic broadband is a future-proof technology that increases property values and improves the quality of life. Fiber broadband means better access to health care through telemedicine, more educational opportunities through distance learning, increased opportunities for economic development, and of course, a better video streaming and gaming experience. The potential is unlimited.

Joey Garner TEC Executive Vice President Joey Garner says fiber is the gold standard for broadband.

“Fiber broadband typically is only available in big cities, and we are excited to offer this future-proof technology to those living and working in these communities,” she says. “TEC strives to ensure its customers have access to the best, most advanced internet technology available.”

TEC launched this fiber project in mid-June and has recently completed it. The project connects 375 homes and businesses and includes over 14 miles of fiber.