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TEC Completes First Phase of Fast Fiber Internet in Mize

Bay Springs, Mississippi (September 19, 2022) – TEC, a leading rural broadband provider, has completed their first project in the Mize community. This project has created connectivity for more than 400 households and businesses by providing access to Gigabit speed internet. The completed project will expand Fast Fiber Internet access to more than 23,000 families and businesses in rural Mississippi, allowing access to such services as distance education and telemedicine. TEC was one of 386 competing companies in the November 2020, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) auction, which awarded $9 billion for the provision of broadband internet to unserved and underserved areas throughout the United States. TEC, with the assistance of the FCC, will fund the building and delivery of broadband access to parts of Copiah, Covington, Jasper, Lawrence, Lincoln, Newton, Rankin, Scott, Simpson, and Smith counties.

“TEC stopped by and showed us that the speeds will be a little faster, in up and download speeds, than what is currently available. This will enhance the residents access and performance of internet activities,” states Mize Deputy Clerk, Earnest Burton. “Now those in the county that do not have any access to high speed internet, such as myself, it will allow access to internet and speeds to be able to stream movies with no issues, perform zoom calls/meetings and access classwork/homework for home school students.

Dependable fiber internet connections offer improved quality of life through access to telemedicine, distance learning, and work-from-home options. Additionally, high-speed broadband provides personal enjoyment, such as gaming or video streaming. TEC’s goal is to minimize the broadband availability gap by providing communities with a reliable, high-quality, affordable internet solution.

"For nearly a century, our mission has been to provide customers in rural markets with a better way of life through greater connection. That remains our commitment today," says Joey Garner, TEC President and CEO. "Greater access to telemedicine, remote

learning, and home employment is not just beneficial for individuals, but encourages business and economic growth in communities overall."


The project covers an estimated 54 miles and connects approximately 422 additional residential and business customers to Fast Fiber Internet, providing symmetrical Gigabit speeds and home phone services to portions of the Mize community. One Gig internet connections give the best online experience for streamers, gamers, social media users, and families with multiple users at home. Those interested in signing up for service should go to to complete a short form.