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TEC receives grant to deploy fiber broadband Internet in Benton County Tennessee

Joey Garner Erin, Tennessee - TEC is pleased to be the recipient of a grant from the Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund for the Holladay-Sugar Tree Community Broadband Project for $1,103,250 toward the total project cost of $1,471,000. This matching grant will allow TEC to extend fiber internet connectivity to over 376 locations in Benton County. Construction will begin in September 2020 and provide gigabit internet speed to 17 square miles in the Holladay-Sugar Tree communities. This project makes it possible for TEC to connect customers on an expedited timeline of completion by mid-December of this year.

TEC is appreciative that Governor Lee has dedicated a portion of Tennessee’s Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) to broadband infrastructure projects through the Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund. Fiber optic broadband is a future-proof technology that increases property values and improves the quality of life. Fiber broadband means better access to health care through telemedicine, more educational opportunities through distance learning, increased opportunities for economic development, and of course a better video streaming and gaming experience.

"This grant greatly assists TEC in our commitment to bringing increased fiber internet to rural areas in Tennessee. Our goal is to connect people and strengthen the communities we serve; this is such an exciting opportunity. We are thankful and honored to receive this award from the Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund", states Joey Garner, Executive Vice President of TEC. "We look forward to beginning construction."

TEC also thanks Benton County Electric System and Brett Lashlee, Benton County Mayor for their strong local support in this fiber broadband initiative.

Banner image: "Benton County Courthouse in Camden" by Brian Stansberry, CC 3.0