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TEC to support search and rescue services in Houston county

Erin, TN — Communication is key to any successful search and rescue operation. With limited cellular service in the area, search and rescue teams have restricted communications when performing search and rescue operations in the Kentucky Lake area. As part of a community partnership, TEC will provide WiFi coverage for first responders and safety entities on the Kentucky Lake waterfront for use during emergencies.

"TEC is thrilled to support our local community and first responders with exceptional communication skills and technology. By installing dependable WiFi applications, our goal is to strengthen and increase capabilities for this critical group of emergency management professionals," states Joey Garner, Executive Vice President of TEC.

The project will provide Houston County's Sheriff's Office, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Department, and the Erin Police Department with access to the high-speed internet service for three years free of charge. Service will be available starting January 18th, 2020. This is additionally a part of a recently completed project in the Danville area that provides Gigabit fiber internet service to over 100 locations in the local community.