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TEC upgrades Benton County to fast, reliable internet

ERIN, Tenn. (June 3, 2021) -- TEC, a leading provider of rural fiber broadband in Tennessee, has completed construction to bring Fast Fiber Internet to downtown Big Sandy and parts of Eva. This project is part of over $800,000 TEC has invested in rural Tennessee for fiber optic cabling to increase internet access with installations actively underway in downtown Big Sandy and Eva communities.

“Now having access to fiber internet is like the difference between black and white television and upgrading to color because now we have vibrancy, it is like a breath of fresh air; we needed this so bad,” said Bonie’ Curtin, Executive Director of Benton County Chamber of Commerce. “We love our small town feel in the Magic Valley, but it was really frustrating not being able to communicate. Like any area like metropolitan or small-town Internet you need those necessities like running water, electricity, and the ability to communicate. Having high-speed internet greatly impacts our county’s economic development, and it will make our area more marketable to businesses. I could not tell you how many companies who have wanted to come in here but could not due to the lack of broadband. We are so excited to have it.”

A reliable fiber internet connection offers many benefits like distance learning, telemedicine, work from home options, and entertainment capabilities. It also empowers the local business community to operate more efficiently and on a larger scale, allowing for more expansion and employment opportunities.

“The access to reliable, high-speed internet is more important now than ever before,” said Joey Garner, TEC Executive Vice President. “We are excited to expand our services in Benton County and to see the positive impact this access will bring to our residential and business customers in the area. It is projects like these that are truly making the difference in closing the digital

divide that currently exists in our rural communities, and TEC is committed to continuing our efforts in increasing connectivity in areas that need it most.”


The project covers more than 20 miles and will connect over 900 residential and business customers to Fast Fiber Internet, providing symmetrical Gigabit speeds, and home phone services to the Big Sandy and Eva communities. 1 Gig internet connections give the best online experience for streamers, gamers, social media users, and families with multiple users at home. If you are interested in signing up for service, go to to complete a quick form.