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Master the skills needed to achieve success in your job, your home, and online with free online courses from TEC and DRIVE.

  • Learn the basics of how to use a computer and the Internet through our free online training.
  • Get to the sites you need - communication, shopping, searching, and all the websites you'll use the most.
  • Take advantage of special discounts on computer equipment, broadband service, and other tools to help you Get Connected.

Drive helps to connect new digital learners with volunteer trainers and resources that will help them achieve success on the Internet, on the job, and at home. Whether it's learning how to use a computer for the first time, a new job skill, how to use a new application, or gain a new life skill, Drive is available to all new learners. We provide a one-stop connection to engaging curriculum offered by renowned training organizations from across the World Wide Web.

There are three simple ways for new learners to use Drive:

  • Join - New learners join Drive in order to access training provided by reputable training organizations from across the Internet.
  • Track - Track your progress and manage your classes on My Dashboard.
  • Earn - Once you have completed a class, you will earn a badge. These badges are an indication of what skills you have successfully learned on Drive. To celebrate your success, you can share these badges on Facebook if you desire.
  • Drive also provides a network of volunteer trainers to teach and inspire students.

There are three great ways for trainers to use Drive:

  • Join the network of trainers by enrolling on Drive and sharing your skills and experiences.
  • Support - Provide support for students who are going through training by responding to questions or by helping them use Drive.
  • Inspire - Whether you are a volunteer trainer at a library or at your local community center, you can use Drive to support your classes.

Get started by signing up at the DRIVE website.

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