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Internet Speed Test

Published: Feb 26, 2019Updated: Feb 26, 2019

While TEC provisions its network and equipment to ensure that its customers can enjoy the speeds to which they subscribe, Internet speeds generally result from a "best effort" service and are dependent on a number of variables*, many of which are outside the control of an Internet Service Provider. See Terms & Conditions for TEC Internet Service.

* Disclaimer
Your online encounter depends on more than just the level of service that you have obtained from TEC. At the time you visit a site or use some other sort of online utility, the information that you send and accept ventures:

- between your computer and your modem or gateway
- through the telephone wires that run throughout your home or business
- through the Network Interface Device on the outside of your building and to the TEC network, and then
- out to the Internet, which consists of millions of private networks

The service competence speed of your TEC connection only affects item three in the list above; but your online encounter hinges on the performance of all of those factors. For example, a user with a defectively performing computer, but who is receiving our highest service capability speed for their service type, could actually have a "sluggish" online experience. Similarly, a user with a new computer who is trying to access a website at the same time that millions of other guests are attempting to reach that site may also have a "sluggish" online experience, regardless of the maximum capability of their TEC connection. 

Actual speeds may vary depending on the number, performance, and configuration of the following:

- Connected PC or connecting PCs
- Hardware (Processor (Single Core, Multi Core), RAM, Hard Drive (write speed capabilities))
- Router and connecting adapters (Gigabit Ethernet required for 100M)
- Software Applications
- Web Browser/Browser Plug-ins (Flash/Java)
- Website/Server Limitations (Not all speed test sites are capable of testing 100M)
- Network Congestion

For optimal performance, contact your equipment manufacturer/software developer for required upgrades, configuration redesigns, or troubleshooting guides.