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GI Associates

Learn how GI Associates keeps its medical staff in touch across two locations, with doctors traveling back and forth.

TEC provided a turnkey, customized solution for GI Associates business phone, Internet and network services. We helped with transitioning their communication services from 3 locations into their new building. While they were moving we set up new services, arranging overlaps of older contracts so they would have no downtime and were not paying for something they weren’t using.


Communication is absolutely important to us. I think most businesses want 100% uptime, that's always the goal everybody is shooting for. But with a medical office, it really has to work that way. At our remote sites, the doctors can't even see a patient if they don't have access to their charts and medical records, which always requires that these links be up and running at all times. And, TEC has been able to provide us with 100% uptime on our links.

We primarily have three locations. So, we use the fiber links in order to maintain our security and HIPAA compliance with all of our patient data so that we are all on an internal network no matter what location you happen to be at. We get thousands of calls a day that have to be routed out to the remote facilities so, we must have up time on our fiber links between sites.

TEC was always willing to customize what we needed. They didn't just unload a pre-made bundle on us and forces to use it. I've never had to discuss contracts with my sales rep, she just takes care of what we need done and makes sure that everything gets seamlessly transferred over to new equipment as we do that. They provide us with a single point of contact so that we can call one person to get all of our problems resolved, whether they be adding services, removing services, or dealing with problems as they come up.

Well, right now all of our forms of communication go through TEC; Internet, telephone, network, everything. TEC is our connection to the outside world.

We just moved to a new office space and consolidated three offices into one building. And I couldn't imagine doing that move with anybody other than TEC. They were very helpful to us with setting up new services and arranging overlaps on all of our contracts so that while we were in the process of the move, our old sites continued to work while we were already moving people into the new buildings. And then once we had completed the move, they shut down all of the services at the old site so that we were not we weren't paying for something we weren't using anymore.

We feel very comfortable TEC has gone above and beyond customizing its services for us, even offering to loan us equipment at one time, in order to maintain our uptime while we were in the middle of a transition. We feel very comfortable that they would do anything that we need done in order to keep us up and running.

TEC’s tech support’s been spectacular. I generally always talk with the same person, and when I do work with the rest of the team they've always been very good and quick to get back to me. You're dealing with local people who solve your problems. They are available 24 hours a day in case something happens off hours.

GI Associates measures success by patient satisfaction, and in this business that's the only way you can do it. From talking to patients, sending out surveys; if you do not keep your patients happy eventually they will find somewhere else to go.

Working with TEC gives us great peace-of-mind. We know there are people that are watching our system, looking out for it when we're not. That helps you to sleep at night. We love TEC! TEC has been wonderful to us.

~ Don Deas - IT Director, GI Associates