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Ross & Yerger

Learn how Ross & Yerger Insurance uses TECFlex, our cloud hosted voice service, to stay in touch with their clients.

By taking the time to listen to our customers’ needs we are able to help navigate potential short term challenges while planning for long term success.


The best way that TEC has demonstrated their commitment to customization for Ross & Yerger is by simply listening to our needs and delivering successful solutions to those needs. One of the biggest challenges during our recent office relocation, here in Jackson, was reestablishing our direct connection to our Tupelo office. And TEC was very helpful in helping us identify short-term problems that were preventing that from happening and making sure that we were up and running successfully on Monday morning when we turned the lights on.

We analyzed TEC's capabilities compared to their competition and we felt very comfortable that from a regional perspective they were going to be able to deliver anything that we may need. Also, to be able to do it with a company that we knew was based here seem to make a lot of the difference. I personally have a lot of relationships with TEC employees that are in various positions in the organization and I find that they are all consistent in the fact that they are professional and courteous and are very reliable and deliver on what they promised.

Communication is critical for every business including ours. As far as internally, we are a service provider. Most of our business is our people who are servicing other people, therefore they're on the phone, they're emailing, they're using our websites. And all of that runs along the lines that TEC is able to help us with.

We're in the risk management business and so people will call us all day for normal service, but when things really go bad is when our phone starts ringing. When the hurricanes hit, and the tornados hit, and the hail storms; the first thing they do is pick up the phone and call us for assistance. So, it's critical that our systems and communication lines are open and working 24/7.

Ross & Yerger measures success in the relationships that we are able to maintain, over a period of time, not only with our employees and our clients but also our business partners. And, if we're able to be successful over the long term, those relationships stay intact and they grow stronger.

An organization as large as Ross & Yerger takes a lot of patience when it comes to management, day-to-day. We're depending on our employees to do a good job, we're also very dependent on our business partners like TEC to be able to deliver the services that they deliver and keep us up and running 24/7.

As Ross & Yerger continues to grow, I see TEC playing a big role in our success. Our growth will be geographical, as a result the needs that we will have from a communication standpoint will continue to, to be magnified and TEC will be up for the challenge to help us solve any new problems that come along as a result of that.

~ Dudley Wooley - CEO/COO, Ross & Yerger