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Wireless - FAQs

Battery won’t charge:

  • It is possible that your charger is not working properly. Car chargers have a fuse in them that can be blown.
  • Battery life is usually determined by the amount of use and batteries can “wear down” and simply need to be replaced.

People say they cannot reach me when they call and I have my device on and with me at all times.

  • It may have been forwarded accidentally. Dial *73 Send to deactivate it.
  • There could be a pocket of “No Service”. Check your signal meter.
  • Terrain affects a phones ability to place and receive calls

How can I check to see my minutes used and texts used?

Go to, click on MyAccount, and select “Cellular Usage”. Log In with your information and view your individual use or the whole account’s use for shared plans.

How can I make sure my phone has the latest roaming updates?

On your device’s keypad, dial *22891 SEND. This will update your roaming capabilities.

What is the right memory card for my phone?

Not all cell phones are microSD capable. Typically phones that are in the mid- to high-end in terms of retail price support microSD memory cards. Please refer to the phone features details to determine whether or not your phone is microSD capable and how large of a memory card it can support.

What is an ESN Number?

The ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is the serial number of your cellular telephone. The ESN is transmitted to the cell site and used to verify that you are a legitimate customer on a carrier’s network.

How do I setup email on my phone?

  • Open the main menu and touch “Email” > “Gmail or Other”.
  • Enter your account information and touch “Save”. To set up more accounts, open the main menu and touch “Settings” > “Messaging” > “Email” > “Gmail or Other.
  • If this is not standard for your phone model, please refer to the owner’s manual.

Can I send a text message via email from a computer to a TECellular phone?

Yes, simply email the 10 digit number, type your message and send. (Ex.

What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

Report it to 800-832-2515 so that your service will be suspended. If you report a theft to the authorities, it can be noted that the ESN was stolen.

TECellular offers the “Keep In Touch” (KIT) Phone Replacement Program for $5.00 to $7.00 per month depending on the coverage you choose. Please ask your Customer Representative for details.


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